MassTuning Boston Rooftop Meet 2013

Car meets like this restore our faith in humanity. Albeit the recent events that shook Boston, that didn’t stop the will of automotive¬†enthusiasts, families, and many others alike to continue what makes them happy. The turnout this year at the MassTuning Rooftop meet was astounding, so many people attended that we had to fill a second garage. Such a turnout just goes to show how people can come together to share their love of cars and vehicles in one place. Now, enough talk, we are happy to share with you our coverage of this event!

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DustOff 2013

Every year, there is always that one show that everyone anticipates. For most of the Vag scene in New England, Dustoff hits that spot dead on. OEM+, hardwood trunks, and beer kegs on roof racks.. no other scene but, the VW guys! With every new year that arrives, this show increases in size by the hundreds and creativity are endless. Fortunately, this year the weather could not have been any better to shine some light on a great event that brought out some of the best around. Big props to the Dustoff crew on a very well organized event. So let’s cut the chase.. onto the photo dump!

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Silver Bullet

Germans are known for their superior engineering. Audi is a prime example of that superiority, with creations such as the game changing Quattro system, and cars like the Audi R8, and of course, the S4. Trying to improve on such a perfect platform isn’t an easy task by any means. But that didn’t stop Arty from taking this already clean B5 S4, and turning it into a 400+ HP street machine capable of getting in the ring with some of the more serious track cars of New England.

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