Sibling Rivalry

Brothers can be a pain in the ass. They beat you up, blame things on you, and always try to one-up you. But when both brothers succeed, it can turn a sibling rivalry into a sibling dynasty. It’s clear that with these car’s, no corners were cut and I can guarantee it’s a direct result of wanting to compete with each other. Joel’s aggressive Z and Jose’s track inspired S2000 are two of Georgia’s finest, keepin’ it in the family.

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She’s Fancy

I like to believe that modding cars is a form of art. Simply because the creator builds what he/she envisions and no creation can be right or wrong to anyone, but to the creator themselves. Cars are our blank canvas and what we modify them to be is an expression of ourselves as individuals. Christine Mahnke is an individual that expresses herself VERY well with her creation.  Her 2010 WRX masterpiece clearly depicts that, simply put, She’s Fancy. Read More

The Real Deal

Can you recall the last time you saw an authentic Civic Type-R? Frank Rodriguez can. His CTR is one of few in the states and he’s kept it unmolested with a few OEM+ mods to spruce up the already legendary car. In a game full of fake’s, its clear Frank’s Type-R is The Real Deal.

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First Lady

The Fairlady Z family started back in 1969 with the introduction of the 240Z. 4.5 decades later, the Z legacy is still going strong. We’ve known Tiler way back when he was in the supercharged Maxima game, so it didn’t come as a surprise when he upgraded in the VQ family, to the 370Z. Knowing Tiler to be a gearhead perfectionist, we knew his Z wouldn’t be a slouch. Armed with a GTM Twin Turbo kit, carbon aero pieces, and Forgestar wheels, Tilers Z isn’t just a Fairlady, its the Firstlady.

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Blew By You

Whether it be GTR’s to Brian O’Conner or Eleanor to Memphis Raines, we all have our one specific car that hits us right in our soft spot. Having been inspired early on in 2004 when a BR330 Evo first crossed his path, Branden instantly knew the Blue By You Evo VIII was his unicorn.. and the hunt was on.

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AutoCon Recap!!

Usually when a show first debuts, it’s not a huge success. But you cant say the same about AutoCon this past weekend. It was a dreary day in Miami but that didnt stop the south easts heavy hitters from assembling at GulfStream Park. Here is our recap of AutoCon Miami 2013! Shout out to our good friend Kevin (@DC5Kevin) Flickr
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All The Right Moves

Sams cover
BRZ’s are still fairly new to the scene and modifying a brand new model is not always easy. Tell that to Sam Vazquez. Right out of the box Sam has done a damn good job taking a car with still fairly little aftermarket support, to the next level. Although it’s still in its early build stages, Sam’s car is a defininte head turner with a few classy and tasteful modifications. Check out Sam’s Instagram for updates on his BRZ. @modifiedtheory_sv
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Boston’s Finest

Hot on the heels of the RedSox World Series victory, it’s only right that BeastCoast feature another one of BeanTown’s champs. In a city as dirty as Boston, it’s cleanest cars are some of it’s best kept secrets. Sean’s G37 is no exception. This bagged and fitted neck breaker is worthy of the title ‘Boston’s Finest’.

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