Gang Green

We first came across Lars’ SRT when one of our photographer’s cars was parked next to it at WEKFEST East. After a short talk with Lars himself, we knew his build was one to respect. There are tons of SRT4’s out there with wheels bought from the local tire shop, Ebay blow-off valve, light up shift knob. But Lars SRT4 is in a league of its own. With over 700 horsepower and a mod list longer than most, this viper killer is ready to eat anything on the streets while still being able to captivate a crowd of thousands at the NJ Convention Center.

Photos: Jared Cabral / Words: Matt Gaumont

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Unicorn Merc

The unicorn of Mercs.. the CLK 63 AMG Black Series beautifully captured by our boys at Proshop Digital!

A Taste of Fuji

Many of us do not have the chance to experience the iconic Fuji International Speedway for all its glory, but we can dream behind the wheel of a car inspired by it! Andrew’s flagship Lexus IS-F has us drooling and leaves us much to dream about.

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WekFest East 2014

Hate It or Love It

Johnny is a “go with the flow” kind of guy and his car shows it. The Rustolla has received a lot of negative criticism throughout its existence, but theres something about seeing this car in person that changes the naysayers perception. It’s one of those cars that makes you smile.  Odd stickers and funny touches provide something amusing and unique in every nook of the car. From the “custom” pano roof, to the 1st gen RX7 Recaro seats, Johnny has a fun creativity that can only be achieved in a car that has seen this much battle.

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Less is more. Dan Plasse’s bagged MKV

Fozzy’s in The Big Apple

Blue Bunny

Growing up, I always dreamed of having a car that would be a blast to drive and still be a head-turner. The automotive scene should be about how you want the experience with your car to be like. Most get their enjoyment from driving dumped cars that get stuck going over speed bumps while others bask in pride by strictly only displaying their cars at shows. Then there are the few that really live out the purpose  of the machines they’ve built.. and Paul with his Blue Bunny are a great example. His BRZ is beautifully built to show-car standards, but driven spiritedly as road car.

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