Tuner Life

UTI is one of the largest automotive educators, responsible for some of the greatest tuners in America. With a reputation like that, they decided to showcase their automotive bloodline by presenting the nation with the Tuner Life Tour. They partnered with the Import Evolution team for an event put together by tuners, for tuners. This event was sure to be a hard hitter. With free admission, free show, free prizes, and most importantly, a slew of well built cars, Tuner Life brought out some of New Englands hottest cars
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Dumped Duo!

These days, finding nicely modded cars is easy. Car shows bring out the best of the best. It takes something different to stand out in a sea of trophy worthy cars. Fernando and Chris have built two Acura TSX’s that stand out from the crowd; especially when they’re parked together.

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Lexury Playmates

No big write-up here, we’ll let the photos explain themselves. Enjoy these very well-done cars!

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   This summer has been a busy one so far with meets and shows all over the northeast. It seems like with doomsday approaching quickly, everyone is going hard with their cars for one last run this summer. It brings a certain competition to the table that hasn’t been seen in the game for a while. The guys at Wasabi Chinese and Japanese Cuisine, were nice enough to loan their lot to enthusiasts for a day of great food, cars, music, and fun. Despite a forecast for rain, it turned out to be perfect weather for a meet!

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AE.. Precisely.

Old school body..

Built with modern day precision.


The term “staggered” is technically defined as: to walk unsteadily, as if about to fall. However, for auto enthusiasts and gear heads like us, that word is the least of a short coming. Staggered expresses a style. This past Sunday, the style was on full display. The show was mostly dominated by the European crowd, but there were definitely some JDM cars turning heads as well. We sent two of our photographers to cover the show, and they didn’t disappoint. See for yourself!

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Colt State Park – 2012 Season Opener

   Colt State Park is a landmark for gatherings to be held. Located in Bristol, RI, the park is 464 acres of waterfront views, groomed trees and perfectly trimmed grass. Grass that simply serves no better purpose than for enthusiasts to hard-park their cars on.

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It’s in Her Blood

Every so often, you meet someone who really inspires you and sometimes it can be a complete stranger. While shooting for the Kaizen Tuning Open House, we saw woman driving a yellow Mitsubishi Evolution VIII. People were waving at her and she waved back with a kind smile on her face as she passed by.

   Joy owns a shop directly next to Kaizen called Pedal Power, who specialize in bicycle sales and tuning as well as ski sales. We approached her and asked if she would mind taking a picture with the car and her response was, “Sure. That would be fun!” Casual conversation ensued, and we learned that not only does she own the Evo, but she drives it hard! Also a former Subaru STi owner, she loves curvy roads where she can put the car’s handling to the test. We were even more suprised when she said, “I like how the car powers out of corners.” Joy has even brought her Evo to Kaizen for maitenence and servicing! Her current Evo just broke the 100,000 mile mark and she is considering trading up to the newer EvoX. It’s fair to say, it’s in her blood.

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