Poison Ivy

There seems to be a new trend in the game; Replica products becoming more acceptable and ebay builds producing some damn nice cars. Yet at the end of the day, there’s still a cheap, non genuine feel about the build. It’s the ones who go the extra mile, spend the extra buck, and wait months for backordered, limited production genuine parts, who build the most stunning cars. Having known Erik for a while and seeing the quality of his previous cars, such as his built and supercharged Honda Civic, as well as a built and turbocharged G35, we know that Mr. Green does NOT cut corners. As soon as news came in that Erik sold the G35, and purchased a Z33, we knew the inevitable would happen. He calls her, ” Poison Ivy “.  Read More

MassTuning Memorial Cruise Video

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STI-rring Things Up

Subaru Tecnica International are world renowned for their highly well-rounded and powerful machinery. Packing an AWD drive-train and turbo 4 engine into a compact car, certainly yields many advantages. These are repetitively proven time and time again by countless STI builders. It’s almost certain that, whether it be drag, autocross, time attacks, or even drift racing, the WRX STI will always have a strong presence in the automotive scene. This feature focuses on Dan Harding’s ’05 Rally Blue WRX STIrring up alot of reactions whenever he is seen on the streets of New England.

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Honda Fest!

Honda is easily the biggest name in the Import car scene. You can’t go to a meet without seeing the “H” emblem in large numbers. With that said, many of these Honda owners deserve to have their cars crushed with how badly they modify them, causing Honda to sometimes be looked at as the joke of the Import scene. If not for a select few who really put passion and drive into their cars, the Honda game would fall flat on it’s face. These, are only some of the few at Honda Fest, that represent New England, and demand RESPECT…

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MassTuning Sunrise Meet & Greet

MassTuning has put on events in the past that have caught national attention on forums and automotive websites alike. They borrowed an idea from one of the Subaru forums and created the ‘MassTuning Sunrise Meet & Greet’ in Boston, Ma. We joined up with the guys in IHOP at 3:30 AM, set off on a Sunday cruise through America’s oldest city and hit a few local landmarks with a group of cars that define the scene in the North East.

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Perfectly Fitted

Being a group of wheel whores here at BeastCoast, we are firm believers that the correct wheel choice makes all the difference, and will take a car from okay to show stopper. Nick Provost is a wheel whore himself, and has ran though a few different sets before landing on these 18×10 Work Emotion XD9’s. We think these wheels take his car to the next level. You be the judge…

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Import Vs Domestic

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Not so Mini

Nick Kashgagian isn’t you’re typical Euro guy. He’s more of an american muscle kind of guy and owns a supercharged foxbody 5.0 that puts 400 to the wheels. So, it seems out of the ordinary that he would build this 07 Mini Cooper S, but man is it done right!

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