Form and Function

These days it seems like you can’t build a car that everyone will enjoy and respect. Although having different genres in the car game (stance,track,show) is a great thing, it can also hinder the community as a whole. It almost causes segregation in a group that is supposed to be all about unity. There are some builds however, that manage to bring together all different genres in one package. Tia and Amaury have done a damn good job at just that. Amaury, with a 700+hp DAILY DRIVEN track beast that can still take home a show trophy. And Tia, with a Jade Green hatch that catches all the attention at shows, yet runs hard at the track via K Series! This is the fusion of
Form, and Function.

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Two Wheelin’ in Style

I honestly did not know where to start with this post. I mean, I love street bikes, but I’ve never owned one, nor do I know enough about them to write a passionate post about them. But while driving around the city, I couldn’t help but notice the presence these bikes made. Everyone, and I mean EVERYONE paused amidst everything to get a glimpse of these two gangster street machines. Maybe it was the stretch, maybe it was the chrome, maybe it was the MASSIVE wheels, but whatever it was, it made me jealous, and gave me the desire for a street bike that I’ve never felt before. I present to you, Andrew Yuen’s 2005 GSXR 1000, and Rob Lester’s 2006 Yamaha R1.

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Silver Bullet

Germans are known for their superior engineering. Audi is a prime example of that superiority, with creations such as the game changing Quattro system, and cars like the Audi R8, and of course, the S4. Trying to improve on such a perfect platform isn’t an easy task by any means. But that didn’t stop Arty from taking this already clean B5 S4, and turning it into a 400+ HP street machine capable of getting in the ring with some of the more serious track cars of New England.

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WekFest East 2012

Our mission is in our name. BeastCoast aims to put the spotlight on everything dope that resides on the eastern seaboard. From Maine to Florida, our goal is to show that the eastcoast is right up to par with the west. WekFest East was our chance to show the rest of the US that we go just as hard, if not harder, than any other area in the country…

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Cure For Kids 2012

It’s a great feeling when one can lend a helping hand and make a difference in someone’s life. That feeling is taken to another level when you can do so with just the simple things you enjoy. To gather together as a community for a great cause that involved the many different styles in the automotive culture; There was no way we could miss out. Cure for Kids is simply an event to help local terminally ill children. Our children are our future! This year’s Cure For Kids proceeds were to help Layla Rose Smith in getting that helping hand. The locals came out and showed a ton of support for her!

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Not Your Standard STi

We all build our cars for many different reasons. Some people, for the right reasons, some people for the wrong, and some do it, “just because”. Jared’s STi is built for the right reasons (mostly). It’s a purpose-built and tuned, daily drivable, street car, that can tear up a track, while also looking like a show queen. Achieving this balance of function and form isn’t always an easy task, but Jared seems to have nailed it.

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BMW Day, as it’s name implied, was THE day where many could appreciate the heritage of The Ultimate Driving Machine. The bloodline of  BMW is full of history and legendary cars. There was no better setting for this event, than the already historical, Larz Anderson  Auto Museum in Brookline, Massachusetts. This event was put together very well by the BMW Car Club of America. Even though the show was fairly small, it delivered. Everything from your typical M3’s, to ultra rare Alpina version BMW’s. It was history within history.

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Pat Gaudreau’s Bagged GLi

VW builders are in a league of their own, but it hasn’t always been that way. A lot of the people involved in the scene are known for pushing the limits of their cars. Whether it be running elaborate air suspension setups, crazy wheel poke, being perfectly flush, or running ridiculous tire sizes, all of it can be found in the VW scene. Pat’s GLi is no exception. He bought the car bone stock in 2009, and was looking to keep it simple, classy, and clean. It seems he’s achieved just that. Read More

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