AE.. Precisely.

Old school body.. Built with modern day precision.

It’s in Her Blood

Every so often, you meet someone who really inspires you and sometimes it can be a complete stranger. While shooting for the Kaizen Tuning Open House, we saw woman driving a yellow Mitsubishi Evolution VIII. People were waving at her and she waved back with a kind smile on her face as she passed by.    Joy owns a shop directly next to Kaizen…

Clean and Class

BeastCoast first spotted Paul Wirta’s 2009 Jetta at a local bi-monthly meet in Foxboro Mass. It sat, amongst a sea of classics and muscle cars, quiet and calm, yet drawing a crowd. Maybe it was the agressive Wolfsburg front end, or maybe it was the Alpine White Rotiform BLQ’s. All we know is, the car is dope, and Paul deserves some recognition for such…

2012 Mass Tuning Meet

   Mass Tuning is an assembly of automotive ethusiasts in the New England area who share their appreciation for all things with an engine (except lawnmowers). Last year the group hosted their own get together,  “Mass Tuning Meet & Greet”, that was a big hit with the local car guys. This year, with the group almost doubling in members, it was an obvious decision to set 2012 off with a great event.

Under the Influence

   It doesnt matter who you are, everyone has some sort of respect for the Type R Integra, whether it’s an OG Type R, or the more modern DC5 version. We at BeastCoast have a special soft spot for the ones that are very clean and tastefully modified.