VW of Norwood, MA Mini Meet

   With Summer around the corner, and the warm weather finally rearing its head, car meets are popping up left and right. Here at BeastCoast, we’re all about exposure. Nothing dirty.. just what makes East Coast so different and diverse. So, we made our way to the VW dealership in Norwood, Massachusetts, to get a glimpse of the all the VW guys (and girls)…

Dustoff 2012

   Volkswagen owners go HARD and have a true passion for “Dubbin”. So naturally, when we got word of the annual DustOff event, we had to get in on the action. Although it was gloomy and the weather was set for heavy rain, Dub owners and automotive enthusiasts from all backgrounds hit Seekonk Speedway to check out the local VW/Audi scene.

2012 Mass Tuning Meet

   Mass Tuning is an assembly of automotive ethusiasts in the New England area who share their appreciation for all things with an engine (except lawnmowers). Last year the group hosted their own get together,  “Mass Tuning Meet & Greet”, that was a big hit with the local car guys. This year, with the group almost doubling in members, it was an obvious decision to set 2012 off with a great event.