Built By Chance


So, picture this – Typical Friday night after a long week of work. Neither you or the wife are in the mood to cook so you both agree on pizza. You order a large pepperoni pizza, for delivery. 30 minutes later the doorbell rings. The Mrs’ opens door, eager to dig into a few slices when the delivery driver’s 1982 Toyota Corolla catches her eye. After a quick discussion and a call for a cab, you now own a pepperoni pizza and a project car. Fast forward 18 months and this pizza delivery car has transformed into an immaculately built neckbreaker. Photos – Edward Guerrero / Words – Matt Gaumont


Dan is the owner, painter, and body tech at Dans Autobody – http://www.dansautobodyma.com/



Special Thanks: To my wife, this build would not exist without her, my family, my crew at the shop, ACE Performance and Dave DelToro, without him this engine build would not have been possible, friends and customers who constantly motivated me to finish and continue to do so.
•Engine Mods/Engine Bay:
3SGE Beams from Toyota Altezza RS200, Custom headers, Tomei Type R Titanium Exhaust, LinkfuryG4+ Engine Management, ITBs, Vibrant vacuum manifold, 100MM Velocity Stacks, Custom radiator, Brake Booster Delete, Custom alternator bracket, Panic wiring harness. Shave engine bay and shaved interior of hood. Red reflective carbon fiber custom sight shield panel
6-speed Transmission, OGURA Clutch, Custom short shifter, Custom one piece driveshaft, AE86 GTS Rear Diff, shifter relocation kit, AE86 conversion brackets for the rotors, RX7 Calipers
Complete color change 3 stage, custom widebody molded and welded, Custom front lip, rear body shaved, trunk shaved, Custom front end made of 1980 Quad style Corolla headlights molded onto 1982 Grille, Front bumper trimmed/rolled/tucked to follow body contours, hood catch quick release, front and rear marker lamps deleted, license plate lights deleted 😉
Simple was the goal, Old school JDM Recaro LX seats, new carpet, OBP Hydraulic E brake, PLEX SDM300 Digital Dash, Custom dash panel red reflective carbon fiber, NRG Quick Release, Renown Steering Wheel, Hub shortened 2 inches, Titanium hardware, Painless complete control center harness with switches, Aluminum door trim panels and of course a fire extinguisher.
T3 Everything! Coilovers, camber plates, AE86 Lower control arms, 4 links and lateral rods, tie rods, AE86 tension rods
Make: Work Wheels
Model: CR01
Size: 15X9.5
Offset: +4 FRONT +1 REAR
•Other Details:
Luggage area shaved, relocated battery, fuel cell tucked in trunk floor, titanium tow hook from a 240z


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