A “fad” is an intense and widely shared enthusiasm for something, especially one that is short-lived. Fads come and go, but timeless styling cues never go out of style. Jared’s latest build is a perfect example of that. His FD is like your favorite beer. A beer that when you walk into a bar, no matter what the special is, you get a tall glass. It is always good.
Words: Thanasi Chalkiadakis / Images: Matthew Gaumont


Seeing it roll down the street you can’t help but snap your neck. The massive TE37’s blur and the oversized 4 and 2 piston Rotoras show through.

_DSC3168Having known Jared for years, the one thing that I admire is his dedication to staying true. From his old STi to the FD, he puts a unique yet classy touch on each build. He does what he wants and is not pursuaded by outside trends and fads. As a result, his cars are and always will be flawlessly executed.


Jared’s car skips the rivets in favor of Feed’s Widebody Fenders, a classic touch that if you aren’t looking for, you wont notice. They do an amazing job at hiding the massive Volk TE37Sls. It may not seem it but J is running an impressive 18×10.5 squared setup with a 285 tire! Combined with the Scoot Sports CF hood, Feed CF sidesteps and RE-Amemiya diffuser this car is the total package. Although this cars journey didn’t happen overnight, the goal didn’t change: build a streetable FD with track influences.


Each modification is chosen for with a purpose and timeless aesthetic. From the Bride Seats to the Nardi wheel, the 7 exudes quality.




 RIP lil buddy!



CarShop Glow additions complete the rear end by adding a modern element  to help bring this 90s car to the 21 st century. I cant forget the first time I laid eyes on the car. The blue pearl laid under satin white is obviously not OEM but looks at home on the lines of the FD.


Everything on this car is Jared. Influenced by nothing. No magazine, no IG account, no one. That is something that not a lot of people in the game can say today. Stay true to yourself, do your thing, and build yourself a badass ride.

Fortune Auto coilovers
Swift Springs
New upper and lower control arms
Quick ratio rack
Superpro front and rear control arm bushings
Superpro trailing arm bushings
Superpro steering rack bushings
Superpro rear diff bushings
J-auto rear pillowballs
18×10.5 Volk TE37sl all around 285/30/18
Bridgestone RE-11’s
Feed wide front fenders
Scoot sports CF hood
Feed CF sidesteps
RE-A rear diffuser
Shine auto lip spoiler
CarShop Glow tail lights
CarShop Glow 3rd brake light
Carshop Glow front marker lights
99 spec front bumper
Tucked front fender harnesses
Rotora 4 piston big brakes front
Rotora 2 piston big brakes rear
Rotora 2 piece rotors all around
Vinyl wrapped satin white pearl Vinyl laminated blue pearl
Bride seats
Bride rails
Mazdaspeed short throw
Spirit R E-brake
Nardi wheel
Worksbell quick release and hub
Pettit racing Street Port
13b Pettit racing 99 spec twins
Pineapple racing pulleys
Greddy SMIC
Racingbeat exhaust
Apexi PFC Plus

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