Don’t Call It a Comeback

What better way to make our feature comeback in 2016 than starting with a car like Lee Zheng’s Nismo 370Z!? We’ve been quietly following Lee’s build for some time and it was well worth the wait. This is easily one of the best Z builds coming out of New England, and knowing Lee, it’s not the end of this fairlady’s journey. Photos: Collin Stankard / Words: Matthew Gaumont


Smooth carbon Signal fender lines compliment a carbon Nismo front lip.


The Nismo 370Z has some of the best lines of any Z family car.

28427430726_226bf17580_kLee is a REAL DEAL “car guy”. An enthusiast who respects the entire culture and is very open minded when it comes to unique builds. His humble character and creative eye have led him to a trophy worthy Z minus the ego that often comes with a car of this caliber.


Shout out to @kddesignsri on the trunk set up. Fantastic work as usual.


It’s all about complimentary colors.

27843748063_ecfbb62864_kThe car exudes charisma. Following Lee around the city, you cant help but notice people glare and point from both sides of the street.


Rig shot wizardry: Our photographer Collin has mastered the art of the rolling shot.


Lee has a keen eye for the fine touches. A Tommy Kaira Hebi Bebi knob to finesse each gear.

28459737215_36417eacb5_kThe Z airs out perfectly over Work SP1 wheels thanks to Air Lift. Cars like this immaculate Nismo are exactly what we try to promote at BeastCoast. The scene has had a decline in quality cars over he past few years and it’s great to see well rounded builds like this with grounded owners like Lee. *Make The Scene Great Again* (mic drop)28460446895_7cef70f1b0_k


Carbon Signal V2 frnders
Carbon Signal Nismo front lips
Signal side blades
Signal Diffuser
Signal wing add-on
Evo-R rear fog light
Work Meister S1 3P
Project Kics R40 neo lug nuts
Akebono BBK
Custom blacked out headlights
Top Secret Fuel Cap
Tommy Kiara Hebi Bebi shift knob

Engine/Power/Performance Mods

HKS Hi-power exhaust
Berk HFCs
K&N Drop-in air filter
Airlift suspension with 3p management system
Specialty Suspension 4 gal tank painted in pearl white
Varis 444c duel compressors
Spc front/rear camber/toe kit
StopTech drilled/slotted rotors
Z1 19 row oil cooler
Southbend stage 3 daily clutch and 19lb light weight flywheel
Zspeed CSC

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