Blue Streak | Evans’ Laid R

Evan is one of those guys who lets his car do the talking. He’s super quiet but always seems deep in thought. Maybe on dinner, maybe on work, maybe on what wheels he wants next. Whatever it is, his mind has certainly led him in the right direction with his R. This car is one of those crowd pleaser types. You can bring it to a meet and get love from enthusiasts, or park it in the city and get looks and admiration from all. The blue and gold combo is one that isn’t supposed to work but does, and damn well! It took two shoots to compile the following set but thanks to Evans patience, Eric Banash and I got it done! Check Evan out on IG at @dutchmastr9.
Photos and Words: Eric Banash & Matt Gaumont

Banash_150430-8777-EditI still dont understand how people manage this type of lip to fender accuracy. Its mind boggling.

Banash_150430-8804-Edit The gold Rotiform IND wheels set Evan’s R off perfectly. The contrast of color is spot on and pops in any light. Banash_150430-8839-Edit-Edit


Evan’s R looks great but its also packing some power to back up those looks. An ARP Stage 2 tune paired with a few 42 Draft Designs Parts put the R around 330 WHP; perfect for daily use. Banash_150430-8932-Edit-Edit Banash_150430-8955-EditShout out to the security guard who let us drive the R onto this sketchy old dock in Cambridge for this shot.



The Volkswagen community have been pioneers of many unique styles and modifications throughout the years and Evan’s personal take on VW’s iconic R combines those styles for one clean, yet aggressive that everyone can respect. This feature marks our first full Instagram feature. Let us know if you want to see more full features on Instagam, or any other ideas you may have. Check out to view the photos in high resolution.

Venture Shield Clear Bra
R-Line License Plate Bracket
OEM Euro Black Headlight Housings
OEM Golf R LED Taillights w/ fog
OEM Euro Aspherical Mirrors
Color matched OEM side markers by John@FTC5 (1SlowMK6)
OEM Gloss Black Front and Rear Emblems
35% Llumar Tint
Kleinn Train Horn
Custom Fenders

OEM Euro Recaro Seats
Airbag Fault Resistors
OEM Euro Cup Holder
OEM Bottle Opener
OEM Aluminum Glove Box Handle
OEM Aluminum Euro Switch
OEM R-Line Mojo Mats
OEM Rear Storage Tray
OEM Dash Cubby
OEM First Aid Kit
Podi Perfect Match Blue Needle Boost Guage
Hardwired Valentine 1 Radar Detector
White LED Interior lighting

Airlift Performance Series Front Struts
AirLift Golf R Double Bellow Rear Bags
Bilstein rear struts
Accuair Elevel with ilevel and rocker switch
Dakota digital gauge
Dual Viair 450 Compressors
Accuair 5 Gallon Color Matched Aluminum Air Tank
K-Sport Adjustable Endlinks

Rotiform IND-T:
Polished Lips
Candy Gold Faces
Chrome Bolts
Matte Black Barrels
18’x9′ Front
18’x10′ Rear
205/40/18 Yokohama S-Drives
215/40/18 Yokohama S-Drives

Rotiform NUE:
Powdercoated Gloss Black
18’x9.5′ All Around
225/40/18 Falken Eurowinter HS439

OEM Talladegas:
Bold Sport R-Line Valve Stem Caps

Rotiform DUS:
Polished Lips
Polished Faces
Powdercoated Black Bolts
Matte Black Barrels
Black Lug Bolts
18’x9′ Front
18’x10′ Rear
205/40/18 Yokohama S-Drives
215/40/18 Yokohama S-Drives

3SDM 0.05:
18’x8.5′ Front
18’x9.5′ Rear w/ 42DD 5mm spacer
225/40/18 Falken Eurowinter HS439

APR Stage 2+ updated
APR Runner Flap Delete
42 Draft Designs shifter bushings
42 Draft Designs 3in Turboback w/ 3.5in Gloss Black Tips
42 Draft Designs ultimate catch can
42 Draft Designs intake
Audi R8 Red Coilpacks
Southbend Stage 2 Daily Clutch
Soundaktor Delete
OEM R8 Aluminum Oil Cap
OEM Black Expansion Tank Cap
OEM Black Windshield Washer Reservoir Cap

Comfort Operation via Remote Control active
Front Wiper Teardrop feature activated
ROW Tail Light Coding ’04’
ROW 2 Stage ESP
APR Mobile

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