Long Overdue

Good things come to those who wait…or in our case…good things come to those who slack. I’ve been wanting to shoot Mina’s car for two years. Every time I’d see him It would be “Bro lets shoot soon!”, and it would never happen. But in 2015, we finally got it done, and it was well worth the wait. Mina’s CC is at its peak and we were there to catch the “ICE” in all its glory.

I met Mina at a local air base and we got to shooting right away. You can see the GOLD Watercooled IND MD1 “SnowFlakes” glistening heavily, probably from being exposed to years of stagnant radiation on the runway.

Le Spaceship is ready for take off!

If Goldust were to buy wheels…weird ass dude man…

Kim K. finna’ get more plastic surgery once she sees these hips

RIP Chris Salazar. Mina is riding for you! Shout to the homies LayLow Crew


Dat Wheat leather doe’

It’s been a while since my last feature and i’m excited to say i’m back! You guys will be getting a ton of content from the whole BeastCoast team this year and we cant wait to show you. Shout to Mina for FINALLY getting this shoot done with me. Shout to LayLow and RoyalStance as well.


Air Lift Slam Series front suspension
Air Lift Slam series shocks
444C Compressor

Watercooled IND MD1 “SnowFlakes” Staggered
Custom color powder coated faces
19×9 et. 24     2.5 inch lip Fronts
19×10 et. 36   3.5 inch lip Rears
215/35/19 front
225/35/19 rear

Rear window spoiler
Shaved trunk
OSIR Carbon Fiber front lip
Fog HID kit

P3 Vent Integrated Digital Interface
Full LED interior lights

Stage 1 & 2  Full APR Carbonio Intake system
Magnaflow cat-back exhaust system with resonator delete
Forge front mount intercooler
Forge Diverter valve

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