Hate It or Love It

Johnny is a “go with the flow” kind of guy and his car shows it. The Rustolla has received a lot of negative criticism throughout its existence, but theres something about seeing this car in person that changes the naysayers perception. It’s one of those cars that makes you smile.  Odd stickers and funny touches provide something amusing and unique in every nook of the car. From the “custom” pano roof, to the 1st gen RX7 Recaro seats, Johnny has a fun creativity that can only be achieved in a car that has seen this much battle.

The ESM 009R wheels give the Corolla a classic look to match the classic rust.

“This car is so much fun it should probably be illegal. You wouldn’t know unless you’ve been air born on the GW bridge with me ramping off expansion joints.”

We first saw this car at the MassTuning Rooftop meet a couple years back and it broke more necks than the beautiful NSX and RX-7 that were at our Booth. Thats gotta count for something!

Johnny received the car from his grandmother who has only seen photos and is very “confused” about his build. I don’t blame her.

“Massive shout out to Beastcoast who have Been behind me showing me love since day 1. It’s groups like this that really benefit the car community as a whole. Shout out to my family in Thailand. FLUSHSTYLE and REALLOW. You guys are the real deal.”

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