Blew By You

Whether it be GTR’s to Brian O’Conner or Eleanor to Memphis Raines, we all have our one specific car that hits us right in our soft spot. Having been inspired early on in 2004 when a BR330 Evo first crossed his path, Branden instantly knew the Blue By You Evo VIII was his unicorn.. and the hunt was on.

Finding a car that you can call “the one” is very tough. As one, two, and more years passed, Branden masked his true passion by building a B5 Passat Wagon in the mean time. With a 3′ trophy and a feature article by Canibeat to show for his craftsmanship on his B5, it just wasn’t enough. There was something missing.. he realized he had chosen lust over love; The Passat just wasn’t his unicorn. After A LOT of deep searching, a little luck, and a one-way flight to Ohio.. he proudly presents us his Blue By You Evo VIII.

Bitches love sunset dates.
Strapped down, caged in, and ready for launch.

The angle how most drivers see 426 unicorns.
Says he’s at the track.. Tells him he’s drunk.

Branden’s first motor build included some hefty mods; crankshaft, pistons and rods, valves, and a dual ball bearing turbo. Unfortunately it was short lived as tragedy struck. A spun bearing sent a few valves into places that no other valves have ever been. Determined for power, Branden planned his second motor build with bigger and better parts. With the help from the good folks at DynoTech Tuning, the Evo is now a 426awhp beast.
Branden has told us many stories of good times and bad times with his Evo. Stories of experiences that made him that much more attached to his car. “This car is far more than a material possession to me. It is physical proof of my hardships, my successes, my friendships, countless memories, and my empty bank account.”. He constantly aims to improve his Evo and has hinted us with a very impressive mod list for 2014. We, and most everyone, will be patiently waiting!


Final number 433hp/333tq – Mustang Dyno
DBB FP Black
TurboSmart Wastegate
Shearer Fab Manifold
MAP O2 Dump
MAP Rev2 Intake Manifold
Manley H-Beam rods
Manley Billet crank
JE 85.5mm Pistons
ACL Main & Rod + Thrust
ARP Main Studs
GSC Power-Division Valves
GSC Power-Division Single Beehive Valve Springs
GSC Power-Division S2 Camshafts for Evolution 4-8 VIII
ARP Cylinder Head Studs
STM oil cooler
MAP Balance Shaft Elimination Kit
MAP Exhaust Manifold Stud and Nut Kit
Gates Timing Belt Tensioner Adjuster
Torque Solution Billet Aluminum Front Engine Mount
Torque Solution Billet Aluminum Passenger Side Engine Mount
Torque Solution Billet Aluminum Rear Engine Mount

Torque Solution Billet Aluminum Transmission mount
Weapon R Oil Catch Can
Mishimoto Race Radiator
AMS Sparkplug cover
AMS Intercooler w/ AMS LICP and UICP
HKS SSQ BOV (recirculated)
MAP Intake w/ Perrin Filter
Invidia 3″ Downpipe
Perrin 3″ Test Pipe
HKS Carbon Catback exhaust
HKS Cam Gears
Zaklee clear cam gear cover
Hallman Pro Boost Controller
Precision 880cc injectors
Perrin fuel rail
W255 Pump-Exterior-
JDM head lights
JDM Evo 9 MR tail lights
JDM rear bumper
Varis rep front lip
Seibon Carbon Hood
Carbon Fiber vortex generator
Voltex style carbon rear diffuser
ISC N1 Coilovers
Enkei NT03 18×9.5
265/40/18 ExtremeContact DW
Blox extended wheel lugs
Beatrush Aluminum Under Tray
ICustom 4 point control arm chassis brace
ICusco 4 point front power brace
DME rear strut tower brace
CF Mitsu front emblem

AMS Shift Knob
AutoPower 4pt Roll cage
Bride Low Max VIOS 3
Corbeau 5 pt harness
NRG V3 quick release
Grip Royal Pearl steering wheel
Rexspeed CF Arm rest
ProSport 60mm Oil Pressure
ProSport 60mm Oil Temperature
ProSport 60mm Water temp
AEM Boost gauge
AEM Wideband
JVC Head unit
Sparco Pedals
Perrin Short Shifter

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