Oh, Canada!

Most of us Americans know 3 things about Canada. They love hockey, it snows like every day, and they say “Eh” a lot. But what about the car scene? Surely there has to be some dope builds worthy of ‘BeastCoast Elite’ status in the country we call “America’s Hat”. Enter, Tyler Mahaney’s S2000. This Eastern Canadian hardtop neck breaker kills the streets of New Brunswick and shows us Americans what stance is all about.
(PS:  BeastCoast is international biiiitch!!)
Photographers: James West | Rylan Strongman | Evan Faulkner | Corey Walker

Nice Touch with the coil over collar decoration!

instagram-logo1 @tymahaney




T1R 70R V1 Cat-Back Exhaust System

T1R 70mm Test Pipe

A SPEC DB Blast Pipes
AEM V2 Cold Air Intake
Samco Radiator Hoses (Red)
J’s Racing 1.3 Bar Radiator Cap
J’s Racing Oil Cap
J’s Racing Engine Torque Damper
Spoon Radiator Stays

Custom Powder Coated Valve Cover
Vision Carbon Fiber Coil Cover
Downforce Carbon Fiber Header Heat Shield

Evasive Carbon Fiber Radiator Cooling Plate
Custom Carbon Fiber Crossmember Cover
Optima Red Top Battery
Billet Battery Tie Down (Red)
ARC Upper Radiator Hose Clamp (Gold)
NR-G Carbon Fiber Hood Dampers
S2CarbonWorks Titanium Washers and Bolts (x15 in Gold & Purple)
Mugen Reservoir Sock


OEM Honda Hardtop

Seibon VSII Carbon Fiber Hood (Amuse Replica)
Amuse R1 Front Bumper
GP Sports Sideskirts with Door Caps
GP Sports Rear Strakes
Back Yard Special Carbon Fiber Spoiler
GTMotoring Carbon Fiber Single Exhaust Cap
MRacing Type I Carbon Fiber Mirrors w/ S2X Base Covers
ASM 08 Short Antenna

Custom rolled and pulled fenders, w/ bumper tabs relocated.

JDM EGO Licence Plate Frame


BC Racing BR Type Coilovers (collars removed)

T1R BMax Front Anti-Bumpsteer Kit

T1R BMax Rear Toe Arm Kit

SPL Front and Rear Adjustable Camber Upper Ball Joints
Cusco Carbon Fiber Front Strut Tower Brace
Whiteline Lower Front X-Brace
Volk TE37 Super Lap Wheels (18 x 10 +40 all around)

Continental ExtremeContact DW Tires (235/35ZR18 all around)
Ichiba 25mm Front and Rear Bolt-On Wheels Spacers
S2CarbonWorks Titanium Lug Nuts

Fatlace Purple Dice Valve Stem Covers

Power Slot Slotted Brake Rotors

Hawk HPS Brake Pads

Challenge Stainless Steel Brake Lines

ATE Super Blue Racing Brake Fluid

Painted Brake Calipers (Red)

HardTopGuy 4.77 Ring & Pinion Gears

Custom Half Shafts w/ Rockford Boots

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