Staggered 2013

Theres some events you don’t miss. Staggered is one of them. One day out of the year, a rural town golf course turns into one of the best vechicle showcases in the north east. Everything from the ultra rare Volkswagen Thing, to a brand new Subaru BRZ laid on Porsche wheels, a bright orange S4 to some of the cleanest E30’s around. Staggered is a melting pot for everything automotive and the show section is filled with a flurry the north easts heaviest hitters.

Ryan’s MK6 looking beautiful as usual

Hopefully they sobered up before the ride home!

It’s rare to see these Celica’s done right. If the owner sees this, please contact us!

Car so orange, make you wanna slap yo momma!


This combination is BEAUTIFUL

Clean S14 on Equips. +1 bro.


stop looking at her butt, theres a beautiful subie right there

Johnny’s Challenger is UNREAL

Whens the last time you saw Burgindy and Purple work so well together?

Homie started Cinco de Mayo RIGHT

LOVE this.

Scotty’s car looking crazy with the fresh purple paint

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