Causin’ a Ruckus!

We all know that one person who does EVERYTHING 110%. Cedric Castillo is that dude. I’ve known Ced for a while now, ever since his equally passionately built S2000 days, and its builds like Cedric’s, that gain respect and admiration from many. I remember when he first mentioned buying a Ruckus, all I could think was “Here we go again!”. I followed the build through his weekly Facebook updates until he finally texted me asking “Whens the shoot!?”. I think i was more excited than he was.

With Ruckus’, it’s all in the details.

That 150CC motor gets Cedric goin’ pretty good!

It’s fairly humbling to see a scooter thats worth more than your car.

Custom Dorby Works wheels

Keep calm and take a CedPhoto


Not a bad build from a man who claims to be out of the car game. He’s the kind of person who gets bored quick. Looking forward to seeing what he builds next…

-RRGS red caliper
– Dorby Works Black levers
– Passwordjdm v.2 Red gas cap
– Ncy v.2 Gas tank cover
– Dorby Works multi-piece 12×8, 12×4 Mesh Love wheels anodized red
– Dorby Works wheel hubs
– Uni filter
– Ncy lower seat
– Dorby Works custom Carbon Yoshimura exhaust
– Dorby Works Black cnc grips
– Anodized Red cable holders
– Dorby Works 11-pole GY6 engine
– Ncy quick throttle anodized Red
– Gojin bolt kit anodized Red
– RRGS 260mm rotor
– Dorby Works 11pole GY6 harness
– Rucksters rpro L.E.D raw sidemarkers
– Drowsports R6 L.E.D sequential tail light
– Passwordjdm pegs
– Passwordjdm Red ignition cover
– ATR Lowstance shock
– FLP Kick stand
– RRGS Low down forks RED/BLACK
– Dorby Works L.E.D headlight
– Dorby Works Riser bar/Black stem/Red cnc cap
– Alien Motion 8 cell battery
– Dorby Works open CVT candy red trim
– Rucksters stifler bar
– Acewell universal digital gauge

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