MassTuning Boston Rooftop Meet 2013

Car meets like this restore our faith in humanity. Albeit the recent events that shook Boston, that didn’t stop the will of automotive enthusiasts, families, and many others alike to continue what makes them happy. The turnout this year at the MassTuning Rooftop meet was astounding, so many people attended that we had to fill a second garage. Such a turnout just goes to show how people can come together to share their love of cars and vehicles in one place. Now, enough talk, we are happy to share with you our coverage of this event!


Sinister looking R8.

Very rare Spyker.

“For the tenacious, no road is impassable”.

Nice bay.

The XD9’s tie this car together nicely.

BostonStrong stickers to support the strength of Boston after the tragedy. Our hearts are out to those affected by this. Great idea to spread support from the MassTuning crew!

In we go.

V puttin’ in work. (Chelsea texting)

Nice plate guy.

Fogs bring out a very unique look in this E36.

Can you tell it’s girl owned?

Bren Tuning

Our favorite Dutch automobile leaving.

Beamer? Bimmer? Bummer.

The ‘Rarri!

Beautiful Edirty.

Time to head over to Pi garage!

The Rotiform BLQ is a sharp looking wheel for sure.


While we wish we could have gotten more shots of the Pi garage, unfortunately the lights were off on the rooftop. However, we hope you enjoy the coverage for this event and here’s to a great one next year!

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