DustOff 2013

Every year, there is always that one show that everyone anticipates. For most of the Vag scene in New England, Dustoff hits that spot dead on. OEM+, hardwood trunks, and beer kegs on roof racks.. no other scene but, the VW guys! With every new year that arrives, this show increases in size by the hundreds and creativity are endless. Fortunately, this year the weather could not have been any better to shine some light on a great event that brought out some of the best around. Big props to the Dustoff crew on a very well organized event. So let’s cut the chase.. onto the photo dump!

*Excuse some of the photos being a bit bright, I did not have my polarizing filter*



I bet you didn’t notice that front mount intercooler.

Absolutely fell in love with the Quattro

Fenders tucked in; formal way to dress a car.


Forever a classic

This was so cool that I personally didn’t even know what it was.


This clean Sciroc won’t get you drunk, but it will get you looks.

That bubble butt

VW everything


Just grazing some grass, nbd.

The werk truck.

It’s not beat, its got character.

Those Tig wheels.

So clean he didn’t miss not one spot. I checked.. twice.

Low and slow, with a fat turbo.

OEM ftw.

Lucious lips.

A gem.

Another year, another successful Dustoff to bring in the show season. As always, we look forward for the next show and what new ideas and creativity it may bring. You can catch the BeastCoast crew at our booth at the Mass Tuning Roof Top Meet on April 27th, and also at our booth at Staggered on May 5th!

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