Dubs On Defrost 6

After a long winter, every enthusiast anxiously awaits getting their hardpark on. Despite mother-nature’s temper-mental climate swings during the early spring, we were finally given a break. It was time to shake the dust, and the frost off of our builds and get togehther to bring in the good weather. Dubs on Defrost was a great send-off to winter. Plenty of sun, a great location, and rows upon rows of cars.

This Alpina E30 was a showroom piece. Spotless.

This hoon and his 1M..

Correct, the wagon we all should fap to.

The E46 brothers..

Just laying there soaking in the sun.. no big deal.

This S4 has steeze.. lots of steeze. *thumbs up*

Tuning Works showcasing their well-done Jetta


It’s Dope’s booth displayed this very classy E46M.

Klutch Republik drawing in crowds as usual..

The name of this game.. is camber.

The mighty Miatas

The cross between a meaty fitment and stance.. nicely executed on this E30.

Just simple and clean for this Si.

FlipzCo representing hard.

We couldn’t agree more.

Those wheels are a perfect fit on the Jetta..

And even on the Tiggy.

Another well-built Miata..

Pulled up on the scene with his bumper missin’

The perfect Mini..

I can stare at this view all day long.

Another successful Dubs on Defrost to bring in the show season. You can catch the BeastCoast crew at our booth at the Mass Tuning Roof Top Meet on April 7th, and also at our booth at Staggered on May 5th!

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