First Class Fitment 2012

Canibeat is damn near a household name nowadays. They’re a juggernaut in the stance and fitment scene and for good reason; Quality Content. As soon as the homies at CIB announced First Class Fitment 2012, we marked our calendars and got increasingly hyped about the event! On the way down, I got a text from a buddy who got there before us that simply said, “Holy Crap”. We arrived at Princeton Airport to see small planes taking off and landing among a gathering of some of the East Coasts finest vehicles.
First Class Fitment 2012.

We had an AWESOME time at FCF 2012! We will see the CIB crew next year and with an even bigger BeastCoast team! Make sure to like us on Facebook and follow us on Instagram @beastcoast_

6 Comments on “First Class Fitment 2012

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  2. Ha. thats me in between the white Audi and Vdub. Sorry bout that! but really nice pics btw. I have some new pics in my collection of beauties now! 🙂

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