Less is More

The G37 is one of those cars that’s just plain sexy right out of the factory. However, it’s also one of those cars that if modded too much, is consequently ruined. Elias did a great job realizing that when deciding what to do with his new daily. The result, is an uber clean, classy,and functional G37 that hypnotizes those who stare too long.

The lines on the G37 are unbelievably smooth.

Perfect fitment and stance for a New England daily driver.

See what I mean about hypnotizing?

Thanks to all the active and inactive Marines! Elias represents hard!

Tein Street Basis Coilovers

Top Secret Front Bumper
Top Secret Rockers
Top Secret Rear Bumper

MXP test pipes
MXP True Dual exhaust

Takeda Intake System

Vossen CV4 20×10.5

Thanks to Elias for coming out bright and early to shoot with us. Keep an eye out for Elias’ car on the Vossen website! They came out and did a shoot and video with his car as well! Elias would like to give a thanks and a shout out to his dad, his girlfriend, and JT Motoring of Boston Ma.

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