WekFest East 2012

Our mission is in our name. BeastCoast aims to put the spotlight on everything dope that resides on the eastern seaboard. From Maine to Florida, our goal is to show that the eastcoast is right up to par with the west. WekFest East was our chance to show the rest of the US that we go just as hard, if not harder, than any other area in the country…

Seen IT Caddy with matching scooter in the bed. Okay then gangster!

You’re not doing it big, until you’re tucking Vossen’s

Boosted EP3 looking super clean

People were gawking at this hoodless, tucked Z32 ALL DAY


This G was sitting oh so pretty. The Blue really pops against the black.

Easily one of the dopest wheel and brake combinations i’ve ever seen.

Dope S15 on Works!

My S15 would be this clean too…If i had one… 😦

Xclusive Alliance NSX sitting agressively on Work Meister wheels.



You can never go wrong with a classic wheel like BBS RS

Crazy Wide SC400!

Dat Camber

Concave CR-Kai looking dope!

Back Yard Special!!

Long Live RX8!

Apparently we have a thing for S2000’s here at BeastCoast!

The Rarity!

IS-F you!

Crazy Lexus SC on Meisters

Not everyday you see a Veilside kitted RX7

LS1 S14?




I can only imagine the sound this thing makes

Little Car, Big Engine

Equip’s look good on almost any vehicle

Whats so funny?

Grippin on Wood Grain



The music was live! Dope mix by the WekSos DJ!

That is some serious grip

Hey is that RHD? YES1T1S

Mean Muggin

OG still in the game! Killin it !

I’d kill for a set of XD9’s

Teach em young!

That concludes our coverage of WekFest East 2012!

Unfortunately I misplaced an SD card with about 2 gigs worth of pictures from the event! OOPS! Hope you guys enjoyed our coverage! If you want to see more from us, then subscribe and like us on facebook! Were really counting on the Jersey homies to spread this like wildfire! Help us out! Also, we’re looking for people to join the team in the Jersey area. You can contact us via the Contact page at the top!

WekFest GoPro Preview

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