Cure For Kids 2012

It’s a great feeling when one can lend a helping hand and make a difference in someone’s life. That feeling is taken to another level when you can do so with just the simple things you enjoy. To gather together as a community for a great cause that involved the many different styles in the automotive culture; There was no way we could miss out. Cure for Kids is simply an event to help local terminally ill children. Our children are our future! This year’s Cure For Kids proceeds were to help Layla Rose Smith in getting that helping hand. The locals came out and showed a ton of support for her!

We know what you’re wondering..

Here’s the answer.

West Coast influence!

Very aggressive looking bike.

Bikers also came in strong support!

Spotless interior.

Flirty Miata

That’s a big radi.. oh.

Little Rex.

I couldn’t find Toretto.. I looked.. twice.

Beautifully owner-built Dodge Dart.

Purpose built.

Track star.

Yota fam.

Simple and beautiful.

Color combo and wheel fitment is great on this Subie!

Personal favorite.. Clubman Mini-V

V for VTEC

It’ll give you a sour-face expression because it’s that good.

Every event seem to have that one guy with the coolest little ride.. well.. Bar Stool Racer has our approval for this event!

Brave little girl to sneak out to CFK to show support, in the back of a cart!

This event  proves that the automotive scene is far from the stereotypical portrait the media paints for enthusiasts. All of the many styles of  this culture came together and held a great show. Great cars and great people raising great proceeds towards a great cause. It’s what this event is all about! Thanks to for putting the hard work into this annual event. As always, be on the look out for more coverages and features.  Stay updated by liking us on our Facebook page and/or follow us on Instagram @beastcoast_

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