BMW Day, as it’s name implied, was THE day where many could appreciate the heritage of The Ultimate Driving Machine. The bloodline of  BMW is full of history and legendary cars. There was no better setting for this event, than the already historical, Larz Anderson  Auto Museum in Brookline, Massachusetts. This event was put together very well by the BMW Car Club of America. Even though the show was fairly small, it delivered. Everything from your typical M3’s, to ultra rare Alpina version BMW’s. It was history within history.

Good weather, birds chirping, lawn filled with BMW’s.. perfect Sunday.

Ha, AMG better keep an eye on it’s rear view mirror.

That grille.

Who’s V-Man?

Peeking at a super clean interior.

Perfect E30 M3.

Alpina CSI stole the show.. and my heart.


I’d choose this interior over most modern interior any day.

E46 line up

Those lips.

Well fitted E38.

True sleeper..

Factory look, heart on steroids.

Rare e21 Baur.


Legendary BMW M1.. I was very honored to be able to see one in person.

There was no loud exhaust, no tire peeling, nor loud music present, only the conversation with owners and the people’s expression of appreciation toward the cars ,were all that was audible . The awe and soaking in the history gave the event a very serene feeling. Small in numbers, but greatly surpassed my prediction of the event in quality of cars. I’d like to give thanks to the organizers for putting together an enjoyable and memorable day.

I know viewers are wondering, “where are the rest of the photos?”. Simple answer.. I will slowly post them on Facebook and Instagram.  Be sure to back for more photos, event coverage and posts. If you already haven’t, like us on our Facebook page and follow us on Instagram @beastcoast_ for the latest updates!

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