Poison Ivy

There seems to be a new trend in the game; Replica products becoming more acceptable and ebay builds producing some damn nice cars. Yet at the end of the day, there’s still a cheap, non genuine feel about the build. It’s the ones who go the extra mile, spend the extra buck, and wait months for backordered, limited production genuine parts, who build the most stunning cars. Having known Erik for a while and seeing the quality of his previous cars, such as his built and supercharged Honda Civic, as well as a built and turbocharged G35, we know that Mr. Green does NOT cut corners. As soon as news came in that Erik sold the G35, and purchased a Z33, we knew the inevitable would happen. He calls her, ” Poison Ivy “. 

The K-Sport GT Pro Coilovers have Miss Ivy sitting pretty.

19×9.5 + 19×11.5 Volk TE37s in gloss black keep this Z33 looking agressive yet stylish.

Custom Poison Ivy Green paint gave Erik the idea for the car’s name.

Poison Ivy

  • Volk TE37 19×9.5 (-7) + 19×11.5 (-7)
  • K-Sport GT Pro Coilovers
  • SPC toe arms
  • SPC camber kit
  • GT Spec rear lower tie bar
  • GT Spec rear lateral brace
  • GT Spec front lower tie bar
  • Hotchkis front sway bar
  • Hotchkis rear sway bar
  • Tein inner/outer tie rods
  • NRG front strut bar
  • Nismo V2 front bumper
  • Nismo side skirts
  • ChargeSpeed rear bumper
  • NRG quick release wheel
  • HKS catback exhaust
  • Cam and pulley set up
  • Future plans: BOOST! (we spotted a kit at his house)

Thanks to Erik for taking the time out and driving all over Boston with us.

Big ups to local painter Harold Rosado who did this awesome paint job. It’s absolutely flawless.

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8 Comments on “Poison Ivy

  1. I’m not sure where the beginning of this post came from. This car has nothing to do with replica or eBay builds. I wouldn’t have even opened it had I thought it was just about someone’s G35 with Volk TE-37s that I’ve seen done 100 times before.

    • When writing this, i was thinking about how Erik could have simply bought knock off products and built a close to exact twin to his current set up for half the price. What i was getting at was, although buying replica parts, can still produce a very nice car, the GENUINE parts are much more respected and get more credit. As far as it being done before, i have to agree that yes it has been done before, but everyone adds their own touch. Erik hasnt even BEGUN to mod this car yet. Keep your eye out for updates man. Im sure you wont be saying “its been done 100 times before” once you see the finished product. Thanks for the criticism though!

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  3. Good expensive parts don’t include ksport suspension lol. Might I suggest zeal instead?

    • To each his own but these KSports are much better than alot of the set-ups on the market. Yes i agree that there definately are better set-ups, the coilovers chosen by Erik arent just entry level KSport coilovers either. Zeal is super legit though!

  4. @ klondike car I’ve rode the top of the line Tein , JIC Magic and Cusco setups… the setup was chosen for its stance and comfort which were not something the others offered. To each his own is right but before you knock a build ask yourself why it may have been done. besides the K sport is a lot better than my Tein Flex. I can get auper low and not sacrifice my rides handling.

  5. Hi guys, amazing car, amazing colour! Its just the right shade im wanting to paint my 180sx, and was hoping you might be able to tell me the colour codes, etc or maybe even some contact details for Harold Rosado? Thanks so much and good luck with the rest of thd build!

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