Honda Fest!

Honda is easily the biggest name in the Import car scene. You can’t go to a meet without seeing the “H” emblem in large numbers. With that said, many of these Honda owners deserve to have their cars crushed with how badly they modify them, causing Honda to sometimes be looked at as the joke of the Import scene. If not for a select few who really put passion and drive into their cars, the Honda game would fall flat on it’s face. These, are only some of the few at Honda Fest, that represent New England, and demand RESPECT…

Full Feature coming soon!A Trio of Smurf Teggys!We featured Fernando’s beautiful TSX a few weeks back!ESR was on hand with TONS of swag available! ESR

These are just some of the few cars among many that we felt deserved recognition at Honda Fest. Seeing Honda’s like these, being built more often these days, is turning the game around for the better, with classy, JDM style builds, track builds, and clean OEM style cars outnumbering the riced-out Honda’s by about 3-to-1. Look for more coverage and posts on our Facebook page and make sure to follow us on Instagram @beastcoast_

4 Comments on “Honda Fest!

  1. So will there be a follow up article with the worst at Honda Fest? I feel that shame should be given where needed, and since I wasn’t there I am safe!

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