Kaizen Tuning Open House

   Kaizen Tuning is a tuning shop based in Acton, Massachusetts. They are comprised of automotive professionals that offer custom services for enthusiasts. The Kaizen Tuning team most certainly strive to bring improvement not only to the performance of customer’s vehicles, but to the customer experience in the North East. Having mother nature to force them to cancel their show last October, the Kaizen team were on a mission for a come-back.

    Our team had been anticipating this event from the day it was announced. We were speechless to see the display of cars that were around us.. simply.. we were overwhelmed. Kaizen’s coordination and hard work.. was evident.

Right from the minute we parked, we were surrounded by eye-candy..

We can never get enough of this 350z.

VIP looking real Yakuza.

Touching rubber, no big deal.

Papa Smurf attended the event also.

Simple and clean.

Safety first.. 6pot Porsche calipers just about covers that.

The things we’d do for this FD.

Our pick for luxury performance.

Three amigos.

Such a classic.

Crowd at the front of the Kaizen.

Yes junior, that is a Bull.

Bottoms up.

The Kaizen seal.

Domo’s not scared, it’s his happy face.

A couple Kaizen crew/fans.

Flowing with people.

So many Evo’s, we felt we were at a Mitsu dealership!

Sneaky SC.

Kaizen stand lined with people!

The irony; lightweight wheels as anchor weights.

This guy.. pulled out the Desert Eagle at a pistol show. The work put into this RWB was impeccable.

That wide body.

Viccheat and Nakai-San.

   Kaizen Tuning’s Open House was a very great turn out. Both of their dedicated lots were flowing with cars and enthusiasts. So much that spectators were constantly holding up traffic crossing from one lot to the other. Even most of the spectating parking areas were filled with modified cars.  Kaizen held up to their words and hosted a super come-back. We most certainly appreciate their effort and hard work to put together such a well-executed event.  The Open House event made our weekend!

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Viccheat Sim

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