VW of Norwood, MA Mini Meet


   With Summer around the corner, and the warm weather finally rearing its head, car meets are popping up left and right. Here at BeastCoast, we’re all about exposure. Nothing dirty.. just what makes East Coast so different and diverse. So, we made our way to the VW dealership in Norwood, Massachusetts, to get a glimpse of the all the VW guys (and girls) doing their thing.

ImageAbout 45 minutes into the meet and the lot was pretty much at capacity.

ImageThe Hulk’s calmer, less agressive relative.

ImageJust in case you didn’t know it was turbo.

ImageThis was a head turner. Fitment is on point, just like the rest of the car.

ImageSittin’ so proper.

ImageDo you need help picking your jaw up off the floor? So did we when we saw this. (Full feature soon!)

ImageTo stand out amongst today’s creative minds, builders have to step out of their comfort zone and experiment. This is a perfect example.

   The VW scene is in a league of its own. As many different and crazy ideas and mod combinations that have been done throughout the years, there are just as many builders still visioning newer, more creative, and more daring ones. Despite how small this meet was, they all managed to hold their ground and had a good turn-out. We are sure we will not being seeing the last of this scene, nor will they of us.


Shshank Samuel

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