2012 Mass Tuning Meet

Top Floor

   Mass Tuning is an assembly of automotive ethusiasts in the New England area who share their appreciation for all things with an engine (except lawnmowers). Last year the group hosted their own get together,  “Mass Tuning Meet & Greet”, that was a big hit with the local car guys. This year, with the group almost doubling in members, it was an obvious decision to set 2012 off with a great event.

   Right from it’s beginning, this year’s MassTuning meet definitely set the standard for the season. Held in the Pi Alley Parking Garage right at the heart of downtown Boston, the constant flow of highly modified cars caught ALL attention. From the 4th floor up to the rooftop, the garage was decked in modified goodness. Lines of cars poured through downtown one-way streets as bystanders frantically reach for their phones to capture the presence. Exhaust notes can be heard from a four block radius as they echo throughout the garage and high-rise buildings.

  The top level hosted some of the most prestigious cars in New England. From your not-your-average-Honda’s to the infamous Audi R8.

M3 elegance.

Rotor powered and built to be driven.

BC: “Why so serious?”    S2k Driver: “Because supercharged.”    BC: ” Orly? O.o ”

Fine line
The fine line.

YEA Buddy
Yeeaaa buddy.

BeastCoast Maxima
BeastCoast’s own Maxima.

Darth Vader of Subies
One angry Subie

BiTurbo S4
We love Bi’s.. BiTurbo’s that is.

Evo Duo
Dynamic duo Evo’s giving the meet that one-two punch!

Last but not least.. a very well executed GTI.

   The Mass Tuning meet was a great turn out attracting over 500 cars. The upper reserved levels for the meet were so packed, some attendees were forced to circle the block until room was made. This meet surely set the standards for itself and other organizers. Rumors are already spreading that the next Mass Tuning event will be held in a different location to accommodate a very large amount of cars. We cannot wait to see what 2012 has to offer and who can pull off the best event of the year!

  Be sure to click on our “Upcoming Events” tab often to check the latest events happening. BeastCoast will surely be there to meet, greet, and capture all of what makes East Coast best!

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