Under the Influence

   It doesnt matter who you are, everyone has some sort of respect for the Type R Integra, whether it’s an OG Type R, or the more modern DC5 version. We at BeastCoast have a special soft spot for the ones that are very clean and tastefully modified.

   Abbymael Rodriguez’s 2000 Type R, hits that soft spot. Like most men, Abby cant be happy with one ‘thing’ for too long (no offense women), and it shows in his build. He’s done both turbo, and all-motor setups, even re-considering boost in the near future. A couple of locations and a conversation later, we have even more respect for the Type R.

2000 Acura Integra Type R 00-449

B18c1 (Legit)
Block Guard
Eagle rods
mahle 8.5.1 coated pistons
Stock Crank
Acl Bearings
Arp Headstuds
Moroso Oil pan

P72 Head w/
Crower Stainless steel valves/ new valve seats
Skunk2 Dual Springs and retainers
Ctr Intake Cam
ITR exhaust
Aem 3 bolt Cam sprockets
Jg Edelbrock Victor X
BBk 70mm Throttlebody
Rc 750cc Injectors
Aem Fuel Rail
Aeromotive FPR
Koyo dual core radiator with Fal Slim fan
FAL overflow can

98 Integra Type R transmission
All gears 1-5-reverse are new/installed by ASE Certified Honda Master Technician…rebuilt 10k ago
Act 4 puck sprung clutch
Xtreme heavy duty pressure plate
Act 13 pound Flywheel

Buddyclub Race Spec Full Coilover’s
Buddyclub Extended ball joints
Buddyclub Front and rear Camber kit

Custom Bbs Rs
42 offset

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