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Owner – @bmxsvt85 | Photographer – @whoisfatmatt

The Collective – June 2019

The One That Got Away

I first connected with Grant through Instagram. At that time he was living in San Diego, but having been from Haverhill, Ma, he followed BeastCoast as a way to keep up with whats going on in the community at home. I had only seen his R32 in pictures until we finally linked up when he got back home. To say it’s perfect is an understatement. It’s really a testament to Grant’s dedication. I can’t even keep my car clean for an hour, let alone take the time to get into and maintain every corner, underside, and panel. Then comes the MK2. It’s on whole different level. And to think Grant almost let it slip away…
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Heritage and Honor


To call the AE86 a legend is an understatement. We recognize the Hachiroku as a symbol of the golden years in Japanese automotive history and preserving that history is becoming increasingly difficult with time. Chester has been a Toyota guy since he fell in love with his uncle Abel’s green ‘86 coupe while on a family trip to Guatemala. Hours spent together cruising through Santa Rosa stuck with Chester and he knew he had to have an 86 of his own one day.  When Abel passed away, Chester knew it was time to build one of the iconic Corolla’s in his uncle’s honor, and the search began. He was able to track down that exact green ‘86 coupe, but unfortunately it slipped away before he could get to it. He continued looking for the perfect base and finally snagged the car he has today. It marked the beginning of Chester’s journey to build an AE86 in the name of Heritage and Honor.
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The Right Signal


I was heading to Salem State University one afternoon, when I noticed a clean, stock AE86 next to a mint Evo 5 sitting in front of a small automotive shop. I drove by these cars on every visit to the school before finally deciding to stop by, where I met the man in charge of Signal Motorsports. Aiden welcomed me in and we talked briefly about the Evo, and Corolla he had up for sale. Little did I know, he had a SEMA quality build in progress. 5 years in, Aiden has produced one of the most immaculate 22B inspired WRX’s in the country.
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Built By Chance


So, picture this – Typical Friday night after a long week of work. Neither you or the wife are in the mood to cook so you both agree on pizza. You order a large pepperoni pizza, for delivery. 30 minutes later the doorbell rings. The Mrs’ opens door, eager to dig into a few slices when the delivery driver’s 1982 Toyota Corolla catches her eye. After a quick discussion and a call for a cab, you now own a pepperoni pizza and a project car. Fast forward 18 months and this pizza delivery car has transformed into an immaculately built neckbreaker. Photos – Edward Guerrero / Words – Matt Gaumont
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Modern Class


It’s been 5 years since we did our first collective meet. Well, 3 since we organized it and dubbed  it “The Collective”. What started as a way for us to get a bunch of friends together has grown into what is arguably one of the finest series of events in New England. It’s a way for us to gather high level and unique vehicles with their owners, in the same place, 3-5 times a year. For me however, it’s all about photography. I spend the entire event wondering with my camera, looking for unique angles, interesting scenes and finding vehicles that I must have in front of my camera.

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A “fad” is an intense and widely shared enthusiasm for something, especially one that is short-lived. Fads come and go, but timeless styling cues never go out of style. Jared’s latest build is a perfect example of that. His FD is like your favorite beer. A beer that when you walk into a bar, no matter what the special is, you get a tall glass. It is always good.
Words: Thanasi Chalkiadakis / Images: Matthew Gaumont

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